For Private individual

Sukhum-Bank offers the following list of operations with foreign currency in cash:

  • purchase/sale of foreign currency in cash;
  • recalculation and verification of authenticity of banknotes of foreign states;
  • acceptance of non-payment banknotes of foreign countries (according to the rules, determining the signs of authenticity and solvency).

Deposits in our bank are reliable and profitable ! Our bank presents a system of targeted deposits on favorable terms.

Phone of the Deposit Department: +7(840)226-52-85

The loan provided by the Bank plays an important role in self-regulation of the amount of funds needed to carry out economic activities.

Phone number of the Credit Department: +7(840)226-52-85

CB Sukhum-Bank provides settlement and cash services to individuals in the currency of the Russian Federation and foreign currency.

The number of accounts to be opened is unlimited, and to open the second and subsequent accounts, it is enough for the client to provide a shortened list of documents.

About the Bank

Limited Liability
Company Commercial Bank

Registration number: 01
Date of entry : 27.05.1994

Republic of Abkhazia, 384900
Sukhum, Leon Avenue, 31-A

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