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Already in 2021, all holders of bank cards of the Apra system can get the opportunity to make purchases on the Internet with their help. Now the citizens of Abkhazia are forced to purchase Russian bank cards for this purpose.

The head of the National Bank Beslan Baratelia told Sputnik about the 2020 year for the banking system of Abkhazia in the conditions of a pandemic, how the banks of the republic survived the financial crisis and whether mining is to blame for the shortage of cash in the country.

The National Payment System, continuing its work aimed at expanding the geography of acceptance of APRA "World" national payment cards, as well as during the implementation of cooperation with JSC "NSPK", conducted pilot operation of cross-system operations in the Republic of Turkey, the website of the National Bank of Abkhazia reports.

The cross-border turnover of funds carried out through the banking system of the Republic of Abkhazia in 2021 in ruble equivalent amounted to 97.6 billion rubles, which is 35.6 billion rubles (57%) more than the same indicator in 2020.

The inflow of funds to the Republic of Abkhazia through the banking system amounted to 51.5 billion rubles, the outflow of funds from the country - 46.1 billion rubles. Thus, the cash flow balance had a positive value of 5.4 billion rubles.

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