Internet Banking

A visit to the bank inevitably takes time. In order to facilitate and speed up communication between the client and the bank, we offer you to use the services of the "Client-Bank" Remote banking System.
The client-bank allows you to create a flexible and mobile system of interaction between the client and the bank through the organization of comprehensive electronic services. You no longer have to go to the bank to get a statement or take payment orders.

With the help of the "Client-Bank" system, you can manage your accounts in real time and carry out traditional banking operations with maximum efficiency without leaving your workplace

The "Client-Bank" remote banking system is as easy to use as possible and has great opportunities for organizing work, as well as is reliably protected by a certified cryptographic protection system that guarantees the security of electronic document management. In order to connect to the "Client-Bank" system, you must:
— apply to the Bank with an application for the installation of the "Client-Bank" system;

— together with the Bank's specialists, discuss the readiness of your software and hardware to install the system by phone: +7(840)226-35-47;

— conclude a service agreement in the "Client-Bank" system.

The Bank's specialists will teach you how to work on this system for free, in addition, you will always be able to consult on all questions that interest you that arise in the course of work.

For any questions, please contact the IT department by phone: +7(840)226-35-47

About the Bank

Limited Liability
Company Commercial Bank

Registration number: 01
Date of entry : 27.05.1994

Republic of Abkhazia, 384900
Sukhum, Leon Avenue, 31-A

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