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Cash and material assets collection

Collection of cash and material assets. Our Bank provides cash collection services, valuables and securities in an armored car with armed guards. Employees who have received special training and have practical work experience are involved in the provision of services.

A special division of our organization, consisting of real professionals in their field, carries out the transportation of money and valuables of their customers on the territory of Sukhum and Sukhum district. At the same time, our prices are low and are able to fully satisfy anyone, even the most prudent and economical customer.

According to the standard collection agreement, our Bank bears full financial responsibility to its customers for the integrity and safety of collection bags with money and valuable items. The monetary expression of this responsibility corresponds to the value of the lost (within the amount indicated in the inventory of the contents of the corresponding collection bag). By contacting us on issues such as bank collection and transportation of valuables, you can fully count on the faultlessness of our work.

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About the Bank

Limited Liability
Company Commercial Bank

Registration number: 01
Date of entry : 27.05.1994

Republic of Abkhazia, 384900
Sukhum, Leon Avenue, 31-A

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