About the Bank

Limited Liability Company Commercial Bank Sukhum-Bank is a credit institution registered under No. 1 in the Bank of Abkhazia. Registration date May 27, 1994. General license for banking operations dated May 27, 1994 (new edition dated August 18, 2006). The general management of the bank is carried out by the Board of the Bank, a permanent body – the Management Board of the Bank.

The main principles and directions of Sukhum-Bank CB are:
- versatility

- safety of funds accepted into the deposit, as well as funds on customer accounts

- providing high-quality services, interaction and attracting new customers by focusing their efforts on the most promising customer needs and mechanisms for their promotion

- offering all new financial products.

Each division of the bank specializes in providing a certain type of services, strives to build its relationship with the client independently

Based on the General License No.001, Sukhum-Bank CB provides all types of banking services to legal entities and individuals that meet modern business conditions:
-Attraction of funds of individuals and legal entities, including deposits (on demand and for a certain period)

- Placement of funds attracted to deposits (on demand and for a certain period) of individuals and legal entities on their own behalf and at their own expense

- Opening and maintaining bank accounts of individuals and legal entities

-Making settlements on behalf of individuals and legal entities, including authorized correspondent banks and foreign banks, on their bank accounts

-Cash collection, bills of exchange, payment and settlement documents and cash services for individuals and legal entities

-Purchase and sale of foreign currency in cash and non-cash forms

- Issuance of bank guarantees

-Making money transfers on behalf of individuals without opening bank accounts (with the exception of postal transfers).

The bank's management system provides for the provision of qualified advice and an administrator of its operations to each client. High-quality customer service and expansion of the partner network are a priority in the activities of the bank's management.

The bank's partners are credit organizations of the Republic of Abkhazia and the Russian Federation - Bank of Moscow OJSC, Russlavbank JSCB, RNCO Payment Center, participants in payments under the bank-client system, as well as the Zolotaya Korona and CONTACT International Money Transfer and Payment Systems.

We plan to open additional offices, optimize the management structure in order to improve the quality of services, attract new partners, expand the range of banking products.

About the Bank

Limited Liability
Company Commercial Bank

Registration number: 01
Date of entry : 27.05.1994

Republic of Abkhazia, 384900
Sukhum, Leon Avenue, 31-A

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