The loan provided by the Bank plays an important role in the self-regulation of the amount of funds required to carry out economic activities.

Loans are provided for the following purposes:

  • Consumer;

  • Acquisition of fixed assets;

  • Replenishment of work assets;

  • Housing and commercial construction, construction of main and subsidiary buildings and structures;

  • Other purposes not prohibited by law.

Types of collateral:

  • Pledge

  • Bank guarantee

  • Sureties of solvent individuals and legal entities

  • Security deposit

The estimated value of immovable property is determined on the basis of an expert opinion (according to the rates of an independent expert). When notarizing a pledge agreement, the rates is charged in accordance with the notary's rates.


Documents required obtaining a loan by individuals:

  • Application for a loan (opening a credit line) indicating the amount of the loan, the purpose of its receipt, the period of use and the type of collateral.

  • The application of the recipient for loan.

  • Passport (photocopy).

  • Document from work about the average monthly income.

  • Documents for property pledge.

  • A pledge agreement notarized.

  • Surety contracts, guarantees.

  • Other documents (at the demand of the Bank).

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