CB "Sukhum-Bank" offers the following list of operations with cash foreign currency:

  • Purchase / sale of cash foreign currency;

  • Recount and verification of the authenticity of foreign currency banknotes;

  • Reception of non-payment banknotes of foreign states (according to the rules, determination of signs of authenticity and payment).

The loan provided by the Bank plays an important role in the self-regulation of the amount of funds required to carry out economic activities.

Loans are provided for the following purposes:

  • Consumer;

  • Acquisition of fixed assets;

  • Replenishment of work assets;

  • Housing and commercial construction, construction of main and subsidiary buildings and structures;

  • Other purposes not prohibited by law.

Deposits in our bank are reliable and profitable! Our bank offers a earmarked cash on favorable terms.

CB "Sukhum-Bank" provides cash and settlement services to individuals in the currency of the Russian Federation and foreign currency.

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