Кредит на потребительские цели для физических лиц, получающих заработную плату на счет банковской карты, выпущенной ООО КБ “СУХУМ-БАНК” в рамках зарплатного проекта.

Валюта кредита: Рубли РФ.

Размер кредита:

— 3 заработных платы на срок 6 месяцев. 

— 6 заработных плат на срок 12 месяцев. 

— Максимальный: 150 000 рублей РФ (при сроке кредитования от 6 до 12 месяцев, включительно). 

To obtain credit funds, an effective legal entity and an actively working individual entrepreneur serving in our bank and having no outstanding obligations to the Bank and other creditors can effectively obtain loans. The loan amount and the interest rate are set individually.

The loan is granted for various purposes:

  • replenishment of working capital;
  • implementation of contracts;
  • increase in turnover;
  • acquisition / construction of movable and immovable property, modernization of fixed assets;
  • other purposes.

"Commodity" loans

Loan for goods: household appliances and furniture

The loan amount - up to 30 000 rubles for the purchase of household appliances

up to 50 000 rubles for the purchase of furniture.

The loan term is up to 6 months.

The interest rate is -40% -60% per annum.

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