Bank cards are modern, convenient and meet all security requirements, a payment designed to pay for goods and services and withdraw cash from ATMs.

Plastic card department +7(840)226-35-48

For one transaction with Visa, MasterCard and APRA cards, you can withdraw the amount of money that does not exceed 40,000 rubles.

In case of one-time withdrawal of the amount exceeding 40,000 rubles,  POS-terminal at the bank checkout should be used.

Our ATMs are located at the following addresses:


Working hours:

Sukhum, prospect Leona, 31 / A (bank building) 24 hours  24 hours
Sukhum, prospect Leona , 31 / A (in the lobby of the bank)          9:00-18:00
Sukhum, prospect Leona, 17 (in administration building of Sukhum)  9:00-18:00
Sukhum, the square named after S.V. Bagapsh (MorPort)  24 hours
Sukhum,  Universitetskaya st, 1 ,  (in the building of ASU)  9:00-18:00
Sukhum, Eshba st, 166 (in the building of the shopping center "Sukhum-Market")  9:00-22:00
Sukhum, Adleiba st, 34 (in the building of AZID)  24 hours
Gagra, prospect Ardzinba , 165 (in the bank building)   24 hours
Gagra, prospect Ardzinba , 10  24 hours
Gagra, Abazgaa st , 63/1 (in the building of the "Assorti-Product" market)  9:00-22:00
Gagra,  Octiyabirskaya st, 115 (in the building of LLC Samsun)  24 hours
Gagra, Eshba st, 54 (in the building "Pitiunt")  9:00-18:00
Pitsunda, (in the building of the pension after DI Gulia)  24 hours
Gal, prospect Ardzinba , 3 (at the police station)   24 hours

Офисы и Банкоматы КБ "СУХУМБАНК" на Яндекс.Картах

Cooperation with CB "SUKHUM-BANK" will guarantee your enterprise indisputable privileges !We provide with POS-terminals installation services .

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