Salary projects

CB "SUKHUM-BANK" offers you a wide range of banking services.

To date, the bank has successfully implemented "Salary project" - a service to transfer your employees' wages to bank card accounts.

Within the framework of the project CB "SUKHUM-BANK" offers a service for issuing cash loans with APRA cards.

Currently, the conditions for salary projects of CB "SUKHUM-BANK" are among the best on the market.

  • A salary card is an opportunity to avoid problems with the accrual and payment of wages;
  • For the company's managers, within the salary project, the Bank organizes the issue of APRA cards;
  • The implementation of a joint project with CB "SUKHUM-BANK" in the field of salary cards implies flexible terms of cooperation;
  • The procedure for the issue of wages will be simplified as much as possible, while preserving complete confidentiality and a high differentiation of payments, depending on the professional qualifications of the employees.

The implementation of a joint salary project will allow your organization:

  • Automate the process of payment of wages;
  • Reduce the number of cash transactions;
  • Reduce the cost of maintaining cash desk and accounting;
  • To get rid of the need to pay the commission of the Bank for withdrawing cash;
  • Get rid of the need to pay for cash collection;
  • Remove issues related to the transportation and storage of cash;
  • Avoid the need to deposit unclaimed funds;
  • Reduce the loss of staff time to receive wages.

Employees of the company will be able to:

  • Receive wages without delay;
  • Pay for goods and services in shops and shopping centers;
  • To withdraw cash at any time in the network of ATMs and cash outlets of CB "SUKHUM-BANK", as well as throughout Abkhazia.


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